2015 TreadHead Cycling Board Vote

Voting is open April 6th – 9th 2015

(Must have been a 2014 dues paid member to cast a ballot)

Committees that need to be established – If a Board position was not of interest plenty of opportunities to help the club are available through the following committees. Committees must contain at least 2 members (1 being a board member): General MTB, MTB Team, Tue/Thur road rides, Wed family ride, Cyclocross, Trail building (led by Butch), TreadFest (multiple committees organized by Race Director), clothing/promotional, and advertiser/sponsor procurement and management (led by Dan G).


What are board member duties and responsibilities?

General board member duties – Attend board and general meetings, attend club functions and special events, be informed about THC mission-policies-rides-events, serve on committees and take on special assignments as needed, have enough time to fulfill duties, be a THC ambassador to the community and non-members, bring new members or contacts, raise money for the club.

President – Set general and board meetings, create agendas, delegate duties. Continuously monitor the club’s progress toward goal accomplishment and the activities and responsibilities of all officers and committees.  Beware of all financial transactions thru regular communication with treasure.  Address and resolve issues in a timely manner.  Take feedback from members and board to develop ways to improve meetings, projects, and attendance.  Organize club elections per bylaws.  Have the club do its due diligence in regards to safety, insurance, and preservation. Remind the club of its direction and how to stay relevant within the community.

Club Communications – Managing and directing the clubs internal and external communications….especially from the board to general members this includes social media, email, website, and news outlets.   This position works very close the board to ensure accurate information is released and communicated back from the members and or general public.   Club Communications have the role of making THC known within the community, potential/current advertisers, and public relations.

Treasurer – Club financial administration and management.  Responsible for keeping accurate books that will enable him/her to give a full financial report whenever requested.  The treasurer should do his/her best to see that everything is done meticulously so that there are no doubts about his/her integrity.  Explain any discrepancies between budget and current expenditure.  Collect member dues and maintain list of paid members along with secretary.   Work close with the president to insure accuracy of payables/receivables.

Secretary – Keep records of Board actions, including taking minutes at all board meetings, review board minutes and send to all board members within two days of meeting.  Keep accurate membership list/contact information with treasure and pass on required contract information to club communications. Review and maintain bylaws.   Keep current list of committees and who is serving along with who is the spokesperson.

TreadFest Race Director – Organize and execute all aspects of the race, from insurance, advertisers for WORS handbook, recruit volunteers, maintain course, mark course, control parking, negotiate contract with Grand Geneva, maintain relationship with Grand Geneva, course tear down, printing and order of shirts or other promotional items, get medical team, order port-o-johns.  This is done in conjunction with committees and members that the director heads up.  Bring financial aspects to the board for discussion and vote.

General Board – Attend meetings and head committees as needed as well as provide support to other board members and be an ambassador of the club to the cycling and surrounding communities.



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*Steve was voted to remain treasurer for 2015 by the existing board.

Thank you Mike for taking this responsibility back in 2014.