Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tuesday Thursday THC Club Rides

We meet, every Tuesday and Thursday, throughout the summer at RRB Bikes in Lake Geneva at 6 PM.  We have a series of routes on quiet, low traffic country roads.
This week –  Tuesday, May 26th: Walworth Ride  
Thursday, May 28th:  Lake Como Loop
We had a super turnout, and great ride this past Thursday. 4 Lakes was new to many riders, and we will be making that route a summer regular. We have other routes post on our web page at

Friday Night Cruiser Ride

OK, where do we stand on these?  Are people interested and available?  Please note, those are two separate issues, right? 😉  Let me know if there is interest and some leadership and I will be happy to post an itinerary.

THC- Goals.  What is the purpose of our club?

The THREAD would like to hear from you about what you think the club is or should be all about.  But more importantly, our Board of Directors need to hear from you.  Please give this some thought and share your ideas, hopes, dreams and aspirations.
I became a member for the social aspect of riding in a group.  But that has evolved into much more for me over time. What do you hope to benefit by being a TreadHead?


They’re Tractors, On Sticks….
It looks as if some TreadHeads had a good time, as always at The Black Hawk Bike Club’s Back Roads Ride in Rockton this weekend. Mark this next one on your calendars and start getting your miles in now to prep for this annual century.  McHenry County Udder Century  There are shorter distances available, too.
A group of TreadHeads are going to be helping a young woman experience the joy of participating in a triathlon. There will be a get together next weekend to get acquainted with Mackenzie and learn how to transition her properly through the different disciplines.  And then we will be part of her team in the Big Foot Triathlon on June 28th. If you are interested in more details, talk to Chris Schmidt.
And speaking of Dr. Schmidt, I am sure he would love to clear his home of the new TreadHead kits. If you ordered one, please arrange to get yours picked up. Yes, Chris, I am one of those guilty ones. I’ll call you!
Steve Bappert is looking for people to join him this Wednesday for an informal ride. He will post details on Facebook, and I will update here.  Stay tuned.
 Next Sunday, May 31st, is the WORS Battle of Camrock.

Bike Tip:

I am reading one of the best books I have ever read!  I won’t bore you with details here, though am happy to talk with you about it if you care.  It has nothing to do with cycling, except that everything has to do with cycling!  It is Resilience, Hard Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life.  
Wanna be a better cyclist?  Wanna ride faster? Ascend hills quicker? Pull longer at the front? Find the best lines on the trail?  Find a model!  Look to someone who does what you want to do. Follow their lead. Ask them how they got so good at what they do.  And I will tell you, it is not just that they have a nicer bike,  Bikes are just tools.
And of course, you are you, and your model/mentor is he or she. But that does not mean you can’t take their experience, ideas and style and make it your own so it works for you.  I think everyone has a strength, something we can learn from, And it is not just the fastest or the strongest for the longest who can be a role model.  Ride like someone may be watching, cuz they probably are!

Race Results:

There is still some heavy racing going on for one TreadHead over in Iowa at The Snake Alley Criterium and Burlington Road Races.  Here is a link to Andy Schmidt’s USA Cycling Results.  I hope to have more details to report later, but it looks as if he won the Men’s Cat 3 criterium and his Hincapie Development Team represented the podium in the Juniors Race.TreadHead Alum, now representing Team Novo Nordisk Development, Ezra Ward Packard scored fourth place racing in Cat 2 at Burlington Road Race in Iowa this weekend.   The link above is to Ezra’s USA Cycling Page results if you would like to see how he has been doing.

And it appears Andrea Pether is having some success somewhere riding for ISCorp.

As always, if you are racing, let me know so I can share your results with other TreadHeads.