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This Ain’t Chicago… So You Can’t Vote Early & Often

Due to technical difficulties, the ballot for board member voting has been delayed.  But stay tune and be sure to vote when you get the chance. This is your club, have a say in it!

Thursday Nite Fat Bike (All Bikes Welcome, Really)

As of writing, I do not have any information about this Thursday, April 2nd.  I assume there will be a ride, but starting place has yet to be determined.  I am sure Butch or Dan Getzen should have the details later this week.  They usually post on FaceBook on the TREADHEADCYCLING page.

Seems a Bit Early, But…

This  Saturday, April 4th, XXX Racing-Athletico once again hosts the Alderman James Cappleman 46th Ward Lincoln Park Criterium in Chicago’s Lincoln Park just north of Montrose Harbor.

To register via USA Cycling and for more information please visit the event page at our website.

Course Maps: Google Maps


Spring Social

Mark your calendar for April 24th, Next Door Pub at 5:30.  Beer, soft drinks, pizza… I encourage you to invite someone new to join you.  Or maybe someone who rode with us in the past, but for whatever reason has not been active in the club.  Start organizing some informal rides, get the bikes out and knock off the dust and rust, and buddy up to enjoy some spring time riding. Hope to see you there.

Feed The Meters

As of April 1st, Lake Geneva will be ticketing cars parked without feeding the meters.  I’d rather see you spend your money on bike paraphenalia than fines, so just a friendly reminder.

Mount Borah Kits Are Still at RRB for You To Try On

We will be doing subsequent orders, but you really want to be sure to get in on the first go-around.  These are going to look great!  The Final Proof for the look should be out later this week.

Cycling Tip

Something to think about, but here is a recent article from that talks about how Team Sky put their man in Yellow in the Tour de France, not once, but with two different riders.

New eArticle: Marginal Gains, by Coach Fred Matheny

In Marginal Gains for Overall Performance Improvement: How to Identify Dozens of Micro-Improvements in Your Cycling, Coach Fred lays out the concept that was the underpinning of Team Sky’s approach to reaching its lofty goal of putting a British rider in the Tour De France’s yellow jersey in 5 years. (Of course, they did it twice – in half that time.)

“How did Team Sky do it?” Coach Fred asks in his new eArticle. “One major contributor to their success was the concept of ‘Marginal Gains.’ Simply put, it’s the idea that if you can identify dozens of very small improvements, each insignificant by itself, the combination of those miniscule gains would translate into a major overall improvement in performance.

It’s an idea that has potent consequences for recreational riders,” Coach Fred continues. “If we can pinpoint a few small changes in our bike fits, diets, training plans, event-dayorganization and many other areas of possible improvement, the resulting performance gains can be large. Look at it this way: a dozen changes, each yielding improvements of less than 1%, can result in total gains of 10% or more.”

Let that sink in for a minute: Instead of slavishly working on one big improvement at a time (the normal m.o. of roadies), we could instead – and without a whole lot of effort – tick off a dozen or so smaller improvements that, taken together, can make a sizable overall impact on our cycling.

I don’t know if there’s ever a “magic bullet” to cycling improvement, but the concept of marginal gains might be as close as you can get.

Across categories including bike fit, training, equipment, rest stops, nutrition, recovery, psychology, stretching, organization on tours and at cycling camps, Coach Fred lays out “specific strategies you can use to identify many small changes you can make to your cycling—and your life—that will make you a much better rider than you are now.”

He finishes with a bonus: 10 mini-marginal gains that require only what he calls “micro adjustments” to your daily routine and training.

The best part of this approach to improvement is that Coach Fred’s ideas can serve merely as a springboard to a universe of possible marginal gains that you can uncover for yourself.

“Not all of [my suggestions] will be useful given your specific situation in life, your cycling goals or the amount of time you want to spend searching for small improvements,” he says in the eArticle. “But even if a technique doesn’t work for you, it may suggest several other things you could do to help your performance.”

– John Marsh

Thursday Nite Fat Bike Ride (Fat Bike NOT Required)

Thursday Night ride will start in Elkhorn courtesy of John Graf‘s suggestion. Meet at Elkhorn White River trail head parking lot off of Hwy H at 6:30 pm. Parking lot is on East side of H, .6 miles South of Hwy NN between Pinehurst Lane and Koopman Lane. After the ride we will hit Some Place Else, 1 W Walworth St, Elkhorn, WI 53121, for eats. If you can’t make the ride join for for dinner!

11088186_10153119648717778_454113763_oWORS Registration for 2015 Opens April 1st

Here is a link for quick & easy registration for the upcoming Wisconsin Off-Road Series.  And check out the cover of the WORS Guide.  Front and center is our very own TREADHEAD Ray Nelson!  Here is the link.

Wisconsin Bike Federation Launches Bike Registration

Not that we have a massive bike theft issue in SE Wisconsin, but why take a chance.  Here is a link with details on registering your bike to enhance your chances of recovery in the unfortunate event it gets stolen. Register here.

Lake Geneva Canopy Tours Trails

We all love these trails!  Thanks to Butch and crew for all the time and effort in this labor of love.  But with the recent rain and snow, even fat bikes would wreck havoc on the trails. So, let’s be respectful and wait for better conditions before heading out there.  I will be sure to update here when Butch says the conditions are favorable.  Thanks in advance for your support.

Fit Kits from Mt. Borah At RRB

You still have time to swing by and try on shorts, bibs and jerseys so you can order the proper size.  And believe me, you are going to want to update your wardrobe when you see the new color scheme. It looks great!  RRB is closed Mondays, Sundays, and Wednesday.

TREADHEAD Elections On-Line Later This Week

Save The Dates:

TREADHEAD Spring Social

Details to Come.  April 24th.

FAT TIRE TOUR of Milwaukee-June 13th.

Details at

Informal Club Rides from RRB

Starting at 5:30- March 31, weather permitting

And the Thursday Nite Fat Bike Rides…

will continue because they don’t give a @$%^ about weather. So check back for next week’s location.

Next Week Finds Me On Skis, Not Skinny Tires

Next week I do not expect to put out a TREAD THREAD, as I will be in Keystone.  But any updates I do make will be on this post, but highlighted in blue.  Anything you want to share, please let me know at

TREADHEADS…We Are A Cycling Club

THC was started as a group of guys riding bikes and eating fajitas at The Cactus Club.  It morphed into a WORS mountain bike team and weekly club rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  But THC is a club.  Sure, we have accomplished mountain bike racers, a national juniors level racing champ, road and cyclocross racers among our ranks.  But we are also recreational riders, people who ride fat bikes, cruisers, charity event riders….  we are a diverse cycling club.  I like to think we have something to offer anyone on two wheels.

A good place to start, I think, is to invite someone to join you at the Spring Social.  Get to meet some other cycling enthusiasts.  Plan to ride together on the weekly group rides.  Maybe gather together to ride a bit before the official rides start in May.  Cycling is supposed to be fun.  (I can suffer on my own, I come to club rides for the social element.)

One thing I want to propose this year, is a monthly family ride on a weekend day.  We could pick a family friendly venue like White River Trail or the trails in Burlington for some easy paced riding.  Let’s talk about that, shall we?

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