Treadhead Updates 2-15-17

Center Street Park:

The overall budget was approved and we need to see how much money will be allocated to the park. Thanks to all who came to the meeting or called/emailed support of the park.


New Date!! August 27, 2017. Plan your vacations accordingly to be here for the race! ūüôā

Thursday Fat Bike Rides:

Head to our facebook page for updates on our Thursday Fat Bike rides.

Center Street Park Support

Center Street Park Update: January 2017 Time to mobilize the TreadHead Troops! We urge all TreadHead members in and outside of the Lake Geneva City limits to call or email their support of the proposed recreational trails in the Center Street Park and the city administrator’s request for $20,000 for the park board budget specifically for use by the Center Street Park.

Below is how you can help: If you live outside of Lake Geneva, scroll down

LG Resident Member Alderman Call Script:

If you prefer to call your alderman please use the call script below as a guide.

A. Introduce yourself as a TreadHead Cycling Club member and ask if the alderman has time to discuss the proposed Center Street Park and recreational trails.

B. If the alderman is unaware of the park status inform them of the following points
a. The city is asking TreadHead Cycling to design and build roughly 5 miles of recreational trail in the 40 acre park at the north end of Center Street.
b. The city administrator is requesting $20,000 for the park board budget specifically for the Center St. park to be used over the next 3 years.

C. If the alderman is unaware of TreadHead Cycling inform them of the club history
a. TreadHead Cycling has been based out of Lake Geneva for 15 years and is Southeastern Wisconsin’s premier social bicycling club.
b. The TreadHeads are 80 members strong with the majority living and working in LG or the surrounding areas.

D. If the alderman asks about TreadHead trail building experience inform them of our track record:
a. TreadHeads have designed and built two sustainable recreational trail systems in Lake Geneva and assisted building another in Kenosha County.
i. Lake Geneva Canopy Tours Trails: designed and built 8 miles of trail, 8 years old
ii. Grand Geneva Mountain Top Trails: designed and built 7 miles of trail, 7 years old, hosts yearly Wisconsin Off Road Series mountain bike race
iii. Silver Lake Park-Kenosha County: help build 10 miles of trail, 4 years old

E. If the alderman brings up costs for building the trails
a. There will be minimal cost as the TreadHeads will be donating trail design and building costs to the city.

F. Let the alderman know you support the Center Street Park and the $20,000 for the park board budget specifically for the Center St. park
a. You are asking the alderman to support the park trails and budget also.

Alderman contact info (bottom of page):…

LG District map:…/…/Aldermanic_Districts_2011_11x17.pdf

LG Resident Member Alderman email:

If you prefer to email your alderman please copy/paste below, insert alderman name, your name, # of years and address as necessary and email to your respective alderman.

Dear Alderman (Insert Alderman Name),

My name is (insert name) and I have lived in and enjoyed the city of Lake Geneva for (insert #) years.

I support the proposed recreational trails in the Center Street Park and the city administrator’s request for $20,000 for the park board budget specifically for use by the Center Street Park.

I ask you to support the trails and budget request.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

(Insert name)
(Insert address)

Members Outside LG Park Contact Info:

Please copy and paste below into an email, insert name/address where needed and send to LG City Clerk Sabrina Waswo. Sabrina is expecting TreadHead emails. Make sure you fill out the subject Center Street Park proposal. Her email is 

Dear City Council,

My name is (insert name) and I live outside the city of Lake Geneva. However, I do spend a tremendous amount of time and disposable income in the city.

I support the proposed recreational trails in the Center Street Park and the city administrator’s request for $20,000 for the park board budget specifically for use by the Center Street Park.

I ask the City Council to support the trails and budget request.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

(Insert name)
(Insert address)

2016 Spring Kit order form now online!

Here’s the info on TreadHead Kits…
We have an online store set up through Mt. Borah (click on the link below).  Kits, warmers, caps, vests, etc.
The store is open NOW, and will close on 4/24/2016.¬† Select your items, checkout and pay, and everyone’s items will be drop shipped together after production (approx 3 weeks).
FIT KITs will be available at RRB, at the social this Sunday April 17, 2016 at Next Door Pub, and again at RRB until Saturday 4/23/16 (then returned to Borah).
Any orders after store closes will have to be done on an individual basis (you call Borah and order/pay).
We will have another store open July/Early August for cooler weather (thermal jackets, thermal vests, etc).

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tuesday Thursday THC Club Rides

We meet, every Tuesday and Thursday, throughout the summer at RRB Bikes in Lake Geneva at 6 PM.  We have a series of routes on quiet, low traffic country roads.
This week Р Tuesday, May 26th: Walworth Ride  
Thursday, May 28th:  Lake Como Loop
We had a super turnout, and great ride this past Thursday. 4 Lakes was new to many riders, and we will be making that route a summer regular. We have other routes post on our web page at

Friday Night Cruiser Ride

OK, where do we stand on these? ¬†Are people interested and available? ¬†Please note, those are two separate issues, right? ūüėČ ¬†Let me know if there is interest and some leadership and I will be happy to post an itinerary.

THC- Goals.  What is the purpose of our club?

The THREAD would like to hear from you about what you think the club is or should be all about.  But more importantly, our Board of Directors need to hear from you.  Please give this some thought and share your ideas, hopes, dreams and aspirations.
I became a member for the social aspect of riding in a group.  But that has evolved into much more for me over time. What do you hope to benefit by being a TreadHead?


They’re Tractors, On Sticks….
It looks as if some TreadHeads had a good time, as always at The Black Hawk Bike Club’s Back Roads Ride in Rockton this weekend. Mark this next one on your calendars and start getting your miles in now to prep for this annual century. ¬†McHenry County Udder Century¬† There are shorter distances available, too.
A group of TreadHeads are going to be helping a young woman experience the joy of participating in a triathlon. There will be a get together next weekend to get acquainted with Mackenzie and learn how to transition her properly through the different disciplines.  And then we will be part of her team in the Big Foot Triathlon on June 28th. If you are interested in more details, talk to Chris Schmidt.
And speaking of Dr. Schmidt, I am sure he would love to clear his home of the new TreadHead kits. If you ordered one, please arrange to get yours picked up. Yes, Chris, I am one of those guilty ones. I’ll call you!
Steve Bappert is looking for people to join him this Wednesday for an informal ride. He will post details on Facebook, and I will update here.  Stay tuned.
 Next Sunday, May 31st, is the WORS Battle of Camrock.

Bike Tip:

I am reading one of the best books I have ever read! ¬†I won’t bore you with details here, though am happy to talk with you about it if you care. ¬†It has nothing to do with cycling, except that everything has to do with cycling! ¬†It is Resilience, Hard Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life. ¬†
Wanna be a better cyclist?  Wanna ride faster? Ascend hills quicker? Pull longer at the front? Find the best lines on the trail?  Find a model!  Look to someone who does what you want to do. Follow their lead. Ask them how they got so good at what they do.  And I will tell you, it is not just that they have a nicer bike,  Bikes are just tools.
And of course, you are you, and your model/mentor is he or she. But¬†that does not mean you can’t take their experience, ideas and style and make it your own so it works for you. ¬†I think everyone has a strength, something we can learn from, And it is not just the fastest or the strongest for the longest who can be a role model. ¬†Ride like someone may be watching, cuz they probably are!

Race Results:

There is still some heavy racing going on for one TreadHead over in Iowa at The Snake Alley Criterium and Burlington Road Races. ¬†Here is a link to Andy Schmidt’s USA Cycling Results. ¬†I hope to have more details to report later, but it looks as if he won the Men’s Cat 3 criterium and his Hincapie Development Team represented the podium in the Juniors Race.TreadHead Alum, now representing Team Novo Nordisk Development, Ezra Ward Packard scored fourth place racing in Cat 2 at Burlington Road Race in Iowa this weekend. ¬† The link above is to Ezra’s USA Cycling Page results if you would like to see how he has been doing.

And it appears Andrea Pether is having some success somewhere riding for ISCorp.

As always, if you are racing, let me know so I can share your results with other TreadHeads.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


We are still figuring this out, but I want to consistently post relevant cycling information with you all on a timely basis.  I will work to keep it current and fresh.  This is your blog, so let me know!

Last Call for Sizing

There is still a little time to stop by RRB to try on jerseys and short (bibs).  There are two different cuts of jersey, so see which one is a better fit for you.  Again, you are going to love the new color scheme.  The old was great, but what I personally like is a whole new take.  And of course we have some new sponsors on board and on our kits.  And one of those sponsors is Next Door Pub.

Speaking of Next Door Pub

Friday, April 24th at 5:30 is our Spring Social at Next Door Pub, located in Lake Geneva at 411 Interchange Road MAP.  Details are:  Forthcoming as soon as I have them. Check back!  But do save the date!  But beer, pizza, soda, cyclists NOT in spandex (Butch, you are hearing me on this, right?)  See you there!  And invite a friend- a roadie, a fatty, a WORS racer, a recumbent rider, a cruiser, a BMX’er, a commuter, a …. you get my drift!  We are about riding bikes.

Knock Off The Dust & Rust

A great idea is floating around of a DIY Bike Wash at RRB.  Any interest in giving your steed a little TLC and attention?  Maybe riding before or after?  Let me know, and stay tuned for further details.  Why yes, I do intentionally try to get you repeatedly visit TREAD THREAD.  That is the purpose, to have a reliable place you can get what you need on our local bike scene.  RIDEGUYGARY

I Want To Ride My Bicycle…

I want to ride my bicycle!!!!  The weather is not looking good per Weather Underground for Lake Geneva this Tuesday or Thursday.  I have a short route I want to introduce, and the first decent day on a Tuesday or Thursday I plan to start out of RRB at a comfortable pace.  The loop is about ten miles, and if we like it, we can do it twice.   This loop will not be part of our normal routes, but is an informal little tune up ride.   Stay tuned for details.

Butch Says:  Canopy is dry and rideable!  Please be sure to stop by the Visitor Center on the opposite side of the road and sign in.  There is a fee for daily or yearly trail access.

Thursday Night Fat Bikes (and weight challenged tires as well) are still going on.  As of now, I do not have the starting location, but will update once I have it.  Check back.

My Mother-In-Law Would Like To Do Some Day Rides:  Part of this forum to share information and foster communication. So, what better place than here to start a dialogue! Would anyone like to start up a network of riders who seem to ride at non-standard times?  (i.e. those of us without normal jobs or set hours?)  Let’s talk!  You can reach me at or 262-903-9250.  I am happy to facilitate or make introductions.

A Great Read For Anyone

This article is from Al Izykowski.  I only met Al once briefly.  His son is an Olympic bronze medalist speed skater and the current coach of the US Team.  Civilians often don’t get why we ride bikes.  And cyclists don’t all get why some of us ride fat bikes in extreme conditions.  Al’s piece is a testament to riding a bike, but more than that a testimony to living life.  I don’t know about you, but every time I throw my leg over a saddle, I feel like I am really living.  Al paints a beautiful picture of joy and suffering and inspires me to get out there!  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Read Al’s post at The Art of Really Living 10 PM, 5 Degrees, Getting Off A Couch.

Keep the Rubber Side Down & See You on the Roads, Trails, & By-Ways


Sunday, March 29, 2015

This Ain’t Chicago… So You Can’t Vote Early & Often

Due to technical difficulties, the ballot for board member voting has been delayed.  But stay tune and be sure to vote when you get the chance. This is your club, have a say in it!

Thursday Nite Fat Bike (All Bikes Welcome, Really)

As of writing, I do not have any information about this Thursday, April 2nd.  I assume there will be a ride, but starting place has yet to be determined.  I am sure Butch or Dan Getzen should have the details later this week.  They usually post on FaceBook on the TREADHEADCYCLING page.

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