June 1, 2015 Gary’s Blog

Tuesday & Thursday Club Rides

We meet, every Tuesday and Thursday, throughout the summer at RRB Bikes in Lake Geneva at 6 PM. We have a series of routes on quiet, low traffic country roads. Maps of these routes can be found at http://treadheadcycling.com/ride-routes/

This week- Tuesday, June 2nd Four Lakes Thursday, June 4th : Bray Road Tuesday, June 9th: Lake Geneva To State Line Thursday, June 11th Mohawk Once again we had a super turnout, and great ride this past week. Lot of new faces and visitors. We have other routes post on our web page at http://treadheadcycling.com/ride-routes/

Board Meeting: The TREADHEADCYCLING CLUB met this past Saturday morning. Look for the minutes/agenda in an upcoming email.



Met Mackenzie This past rainy Saturday, a few of us got to meet a remarkable young woman and share our passion for cycling with her. Several TREADHEADS are going work with my Team Triumph-Wisconsin Chapter to help Mackenzie experience the joy and excitement of a triathlon June 28th at Bigfoot Beach State Park. A special athletic chair is being built specifically for Mackenzie and should be ready on race day. The wind in our faces we curse or at least take for granted put a huge smile on Mackenzie’s face. I think it would be great if Mackenzie can join us for some Thursday night club rides, too. Thanks to Chris Schmidt for bringing the opportunity to our attention. It put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. There are more pictures and a couple short videoes on the Team Triumph Facebook Page. The Swimmers looked like a motor boat. That too, was amazing to watch.



Race Results MTB WORS- Cam-Rock  D. Gage Photograhpy


As results trickle in…. Heather Rainer Peat was 4th in her age, and 16th overall in the Women’s Cat 3. Kerry Gonzales won Sport Single Speed. Henrique Lowe finished 6th while Dad, Andy Lowe suffered a DNF. Greg Spende finished tenth for his age group and 72nd Overall in the Cat 2’s. Greg & Ann Clausen both earned medals! Way to Go! In the Elite Field, Ray Nelson finished 2nd in his age, and 11th Overall. Mike “The” Bishop was 5th in 40-44 age group, and 49th Overall. Jerrod Collier was 12th in his age category, 56th Overall. Again, apologies to those I missed. Let me know, and I’ll make amends! -Gary

Race Results from The Road

Andrea Pether has put up some impressive results!

LAPT/Trek Midwest Road Race | RR | 19-29 3 / 6 475.76 Andrea Pether 343188 63 ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MRI

Concordia University Criterium p/b Team Velocause | CRIT | 19-29 3 / 9 154.83 Andrea Pether 343188 77 ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MRI

MOSH Criterium | CRIT | 19-29 1 / 7 152.35 Andrea Pether 343188 677 ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MRI

Palmyra Road Race | RR | 19-29 1 / 7 468.50 Andrea Pether 343188 104 ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MRI

Silver Lake Criterium | CRIT | 19-29 3 / 8 133.69 Andrea Pether 343188 462 ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MRI

Wheel & Sprocket Criterium | CRIT | 19-29 6 / 10 237.51 Andrea Pether 343188 593 ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MRI

Andy Schmidt;

Quad Cities Criterium | OMNI 1 / 17 – Andrew Schmidt 303828 800 Hincapie Development team 05/25/2015 – Quad Cities Criterium | CRIT | Junior | 15-16 1 / 15 125.35 Andrew Schmidt 303828 177 Hincapie Development team

Quad Cities Criterium | CRIT 7 / 38 105.40 Andrew Schmidt 303828 239 Hincapie Development team

37th Annual Melon City Criterium/ Rider Development | CRIT 3 / 44 93.55 Andrew Schmidt 303828 248 Hincapie Development team

Snake Alley Criterium | CRIT 1 / 42 96.76 Andrew Schmidt 303828 424 Hincapie Development team

Snake Alley Criterium | CRIT | Junior | 15-16 2 / 16 118.40 Andrew Schmidt 303828